To My Friends,

What are you willing to settle for? I was asked this question some years ago by a friend of mine.  I read somewhere that two-thirds of Americans don’t have enough money to handle a $1,000 emergency expense. Talk about living paycheck to paycheck!

Where to begin? I have come to believe that we won’t begin to solve our problems, financial or otherwise–individually, as families, or as a nation until we face up to the issue of accountability. Our own accountability. Our willingness to clean up our own messes.

We’ve experienced a rough two weeks. Gun violence in El Paso and Dayton has brought us indescribable pain. So much hate. America in the Age of Trump.

Viktor Frankl commented in his book, Man’s Search for Meaning (a book I highly recommend), that we possess one freedom that no one can take away from us, the freedom to choose our response to the conditions that life presents us. The question is not, “What do I expect from life?” No, the real question is, “What does life expect from me?”

To Wake up! Show up! Step up!

Until next week–