To my friends–

What follows is one of the best descriptions of good character that I have ever read. I would really like your feedback.



A good character today is based upon honesty that runs right through life–an individual’s own life and the life of the world. Not the cheap kind of honesty which is merely a clean window looking out upon a dirty alley. Not the honesty which debunks only to destroy and abandon. But the honesty that makes a mind reason with facts, that sheds the light of day upon every kind of prejudice, that considers the welfare of all mankind and not just the paltry virtue of not cheating on small change. This kind of honesty will face a man with himself plainly, clearly, unmasked, without excuse and without indulgence. . . It will require his behavior to follow his thought. It will mix his honest thinking with his honest living. And these standards will apply to all vocations.            –A. Powell Davies–